XSplit 2.0 Beta, the big reveal of #XSplitNextGen

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on December 18, 2013

SplitmediaLabs just released the beta of XSplit Broadcaster 2.0, the culmination of the #XSplitNextGen marketing play that got us hyped up on twitter the past few weeks.

Amongst the new features we can find a couple of gems such as being able to select what sound source is considered the ‘speaker’ and the ability to change your CBR bitrate while you are live. The release is currently only a few hours old but I’m not seeing much happiness about this release yet. Considering the version upgrade and marketing campaign, I fully understand, and share, the light sense of disappointment of the people I have spoken with.

What are your thoughts on this first XSplit 2.0 beta build? Grab the program on the related links and drop us a comment.

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