XSplit 1.3 Final

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on November 13, 2013

XSplit “1.3 Final”, or version for those keeping count, has just been released.

Along with the usual incremental improvements it seems the company is now confident that they have ended the recent account problems that came shortly after the security breach, as well as having upgraded the overall security of the sensitive data used by the program.

[..] we have also made various changes that makes XSplit more secure overall. Specifically, we are no longer storing passwords, access tokens or stream keys from streaming service providers. We have also upgraded our backend system to make the user account credentials more secure.


  • Fix for login issues experienced and reported by some users.
  • Ability to use a strong complex password. Users will now be able to create a strong complex password that is compatible with the application.
  • Full Twitch platform compatibility for all users
    – Automatically picks the closest ingest server when going live
    – Channel setup wizard (will auto-configure your Twitch channel based on tests of internet and computer speed)
    – Support for run ad/commercial via hotkey press
    – New default settings per Twitch recommendation
  • Improved performance of OpenGL capture
  • New simplified Local Recording plugin
    – Simplified configuration to ensure much better quality
  • Improved capture card support with AVerMedia, Hauppauge, Elgato, Matrox and more
  • Fix for loss of audio during recording/streaming
  • Improved window capture functionality
  • Gamesource compatibility with many new games like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Batman Arkham Origins, Hearthstone

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