XSplit 1.2.1301.1501

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on January 16, 2013

XSplit 1.2 is out, and it’s packed with many significant changes. usually I only list the interesting bits of release notes but in this version almost every addition is notable!

New features:

  • Support for thumbnail preview of scenes.
  • Support for Elgato Game Capture HD.
  • Support for Roxio GameCap HD Pro. (beta)
  • New Screen Capture for Windows 8. (very low cpu strain)
  • Support for delay & pause on camera sources.
  • Improvement of Chroma Key functionality and UI.
  • Support for source renaming. (left click on source item)
  • Option to disable on-screen rendering in XSplit mixer.
  • Update notification for source plugins.
  • New DirectX 11 rendering engine.
  • Use Improved AAC Encoder (AAC LC HQ) by default on supported OS.

New improvements:

  • Optimized screen capture function on Windows 7.
  • Improved GameSource optimization for DirectX 9, 10 and 11 games.
  • Use Improved AAC Encoder (AAC LC HQ) by default on supported OS.

For your convenience I’ve taken snapshots of each of these features in action so you can see what they come down to.

One feature I’d like to highlight is thumbnail previews. Most of you who have expanded your horizon beyond XSplit will know that it’s single most important lacking feature is a preview monitor. Although these thumbnail previews don’t provide as much functionality as a full preview monitor they are a great step in the right direction. Thanks to these previews you’ll never again have to guess what you put on a scene.

Missing from the release notes but also new are 2 more interesting features.

You can now delay your ‘microphone’ audio. When working with camera’s and older capture cards you’ll notice some aren’t as fast, causing your video to come in delayed. In that situation this option will save your production by allowing you to delay your audio stream as well.

A feature with perhaps great potential is the ability to encode using CBR (constant bit rate). In theory the XSplit default, VBR (variable bit rate), is a more efficient encoding mode because it only uses as much as it needs. If CBR will have a use I can’t say but I’m sure it will soon to be tested by many.

What do you think of the new XSplit 1.2? Let us know in the comments.

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