XSplit 1.1.1209.0401

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on September 4, 2012

XSplit 1.1 is out, for everyone!

It’s initial public release, core 1.1.1208.3002, snuck by us last week but today’s patch didn’t get so lucky. The reason for this little update was according to Splitmedia:

[..] resolved some installation issues, including a serious defect which causes cameras with the same name to only be listed once.

Moving onto the meat and potatoes, this is a selection of your new toys:

  • Justin/TwitchTV & Own3d ingest location ping tester dropdown.
  • Local Streaming plugin. (Premium feature)
  • GameSource optimizations for DX9, DX10, and DX11.
    (Good performance enhancements in League of Legends)
  • GameSource support for the game ‘EVE Online’.
  • Full support for AVerMedia C985 Live Gamer HD H264 Encoder.
  • Loopback audio as default mic audio capture method on Vista/Win7+.
  • Support for 8-channel conversion. (7.1 Surround Sound)
  • Refresh button for all sources. (This will also perform automatic signal detection on AVerMedia capture cards)
  • Update of encoder to x264-125
  • Optimized Flash rendering. (Flash sources will now use much less CPU)
  • Auto-configuration for AVerMedia C127 Game Broadcaster HD.
  • Support for 64-bit game capture.
  • Integrated Skype video source. Ability to capture video from both primary and secondary Skype instances. (Premium feature)
  • Offline image for game source. (Personal/Premium feature)

Aside from new features there’s also been a ton of bug fixes. Here’s a few that we found particularly interesting:

  • Game Source Round 1 optimizations: Improved capture performance dramatically for DirectX 9EX, 10 and 11.
    (Try out Dota 2, WoW, or BF3 for example)
  • VHScrCap optimization & fixes.

The highly anticipated addition of HTML5 sources along with the Remote Presenter have unfortunately been pushed back to a later release.

For the full list of new features, fixes and known issues check out the release notes via the links below.

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