TwitchTV channel template

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on July 15, 2012

How many times have you taken a screenshot of your TwitchTV channel, cut it into pieces, and designed a background or header into it?

It’s a hassle to get it exactly right, and while there are some templates out there they are very basic and you can barely see what the end result will look like before you upload your image. To save you, me and everyone else some time I thought I’d do it right, once and for all.. or at least until the layout changes again.

Some notable features are:

  • All channel elements included.
  • Partially transparent top bar identical to the website.
  • Guides & masks for all common resolutions up to 2560×1600.
  • Title in both flattened and text form. (requires the Korolev Bold font)
  • Extra: Dithered transparent to black gradient for your edges.

Preview of the LSI TwitchTV channel template.

Please leave your comments below if you enjoyed this template, if would like to see any changes or have any other feedback at all.

To help spread the word about this blog I would like you to tweet about this post before downloading the template. About 6 hours of work has gone into it so I hope you won’t mind to give us some social media love in return.

Download links:

  • viperSC2

    This is excellent, thank you!

    • Tim Brugman

      You’re very welcome!

  • Galadeon

    tweeted but never got a download link to come up, and the direct download does not work either, just reloads page :-(

    • Tim Brugman

      Send me an email via the contact page and I’ll send you the file back!

      • Galadeon

        got it working, thanks a lot for this!

  • Vip3rr

    Tweeted as well, cant get it to download

    • Tim Brugman

      You’ve got mail.

  • jueGAME – Colombia

    Just RT your link ! useful ! :) Hopefuly you allow me to download the file. Thanks.

  • Ondrej Baca

    Tweeted! ;)

  • Edwin Elias

    RT about an hour ago, never got a direct link or a DM. Any help? Would love to try out this template!

    • Tim Brugman

      Email me from the contact page and I’ll send you the file.

  • Martin Haakansson

    I retweeted the other day. I still haven’t gotten a link :(

    • Tim Brugman

      Sent just now.

  • Kold


  • Daryll Ymbang

    RT’d, does the direct download work?

  • Allex Isaksson


  • Shieldeh

    Tweeted, but got nothing.

    • Tim Brugman

      Make sure you have Javascript enabled, if that doesn’t work just email me.

  • Ricardo Rico

    just tweeted, where i can get the url ?

    • Tim Brugman

      Sent by email.

  • rexdiver

    tweeted… url ?

    • Brugman

      Make sure you have Javascript enabled, then tweet using the first first, then click the 2nd URL. If that doesn’t work, email me via the contact page.

  • Dave Murray

    Email sent. Download doens’t work as the class ta-01-dl isn’t defined. :/

    • Tim Brugman

      I’ve removed the required tweet. Not because the system didn’t work (it works fantastically!), but because it has served it’s purpose.