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TwitchTV channel template

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on July 15, 2012

How many times have you taken a screenshot of your TwitchTV channel, cut it into pieces, and designed a background or header into it?

Testing the XSplit Delay Server (part 1)

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on April 24, 2012

Last week Splitmedia Labs blogged about a new feature in XSplit called the Delay Server. Let’s take a look at this new bit of tech and test it out.

Kevin Lin talks CBSi, Twitch TV and storks?

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on April 19, 2012

In the 7th episode of Complexity’s talk show The Executives we see Kevin Lin, COO of Justin and Twitch TV, as special guest.