How to edit your FLV files

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on July 22, 2012

If you ever tried to do some post production on your XSplit recordings you will likely have found out that most video editors do not let you work with FLV files. You might have circumvented this problem by getting one of many video transcoders out there, but this is far from ideal.

The solution is to get a new container. We’re going to take the raw H264 video and AAC audio out of the FLV and save them in a much more compatible MP4 container.

Extracting the raw data.

  1. Download FLV Extract and run it.
  2. Check the audio and video boxes.
  3. Drag your FLV recording onto the window.

You now have a ‘.264’ H264 raw video file and a ‘.aac’ AAC audio file. Time to re-mux them together.

Combining the raw data.

  1. Download Yamb and install it. During the install make sure you check MP4Box. When installed, run Yamb.
  2. Double click ‘Click to create an MP4 file with [..]’.
  3. Drag your .264 and .aac file into the input area.
  4. Select the .264 file in the input area, click on properties and set the framerate of the recording. We have to do this because XSplit is a little sloppy when it writes files and sets the framerate to 1000.
  5. Click next and then finish.

And that’s all there is to it. You now have an MP4 with the exact same quality as your original FLV, that’s ready for your video editor, and it took less than a minute!

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This tutorial is written based on ViciousXUSMC’s video tutorial. For more from Vicious you can find him on Twitter, Twitch and his blog