Free up CPU, watch streams in VLC

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on November 23, 2013

No matter how beefy your system, Flash will always take up more CPU cycles than you’d like. By using an RTMPDump tool you can avoid Flash altogether and watch streams in your favorite media player. Sound good? Let’s get to it.

What we’ll use is (probably) the Windows version of Livestreamer. After the installation you’ll configure Livestreamer to use your favorite media player.

To use Livestreamer you have to run its EXE and pass along some parameters. To avoid all that typing you can create a Batch file to run that command for you, like this:

Try it. Pretty damn slick right? But we can take it one step further.

By adding in a variable you can have the Batch file ask you what channel on, for example, Twitch you want to watch. Now you’ll be able to quickly switch to watching any stream in your own media player, rather than a Flash player.

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