AVerMedia announce the ExtremeCap U3

by Tim 'eagle' Brugman on November 22, 2013

AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3 (CV710)

Notable feats:

  1. Streams at 1080p60. Previous devices only streamed at 1080p30.
  2. Does not have a hardware encoding chip.
    You’re essentially buying an input, not a CPU load reduction.
  3. It’s external and USB 3.0, in case you hadn’t looked at the photo yet.
  4. ‘Release’ on December 3rd 2013.

Oh, it’s also affordable.

Are you in line to purchase? Or not phased at all? Tell us in the comments.

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  • I’m confused. Why is the H.264 chip gone? Will this really be better than an LGHD? Will it create a bunch more load? Why is this new tech being put in an external case before being made into a PCIe card? Would it not be cheaper if it were a PCIe card? Would AVM not be able to push boundaries further by making this a PCIe card, because it would not be restricted by USB 3.0 bandwith?

    • UE

      yeah not sure what the benefit would be over something like dxtory for a pc setup tbh.

    • dude

      There are already a bunch of pc chips that do this. There are only 1 or 2 USB 3.0 devices that can do this kind of thing.

      • Sure you can do 1080p60 with a chip or purely on CPU but the advantage of a capture card is that you can plug in the feed from a different PC or a camera. That’s the added value.